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A Cause Deserving of a Global Effort

I began this journey nearly 18 years ago out of love, determination, and loss-like so many of you. Every day since, I wake with a renewed sense of determination to find answers because I know this is a battle worth fighting. November - National Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month - serves as a reminder that raising awareness is a pivotal starting point to reach families and patients affected by this disease. But pancreatic cancer knows no borders and has no boundaries. We cannot limit ourselves to fighting this disease only one month a year in our country.

I am proud to say that we have been engaged in this battle on a global scale for quite some time. Through our Seed Grant Program we have funded the most promising research around the world. We partner with the leading medical groups including American Pancreatic Association, European Pancreatic Club, Japanese Pancreas Society and the Australian Pancreatic Club. We've remained leaders in an international effort with the expectation of one day offering a cancer-free life!

This year pancreatic cancer organizations across the world will be coming together to unveil the first ever World Pancreatic Cancer Day. Each organization has approached this fight in a unique way, but we all share the same common goal of eradicating this disease. Recognizing World Pancreatic Cancer Day is a call to action that will reverberate throughout our communities and across the globe.

Thousands of families around the world face a pancreatic cancer diagnosis every day. On that day, their fight is just beginning. We must reach these patients sooner; we must be a constant reminder that they are not alone upon diagnosis, through treatment, and even facing a loss. We will be their champions and work tirelessly to find answers. We are on this journey together.

Agi Hirshberg Most sincerely,
Agi Hirshberg
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