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The research mission of the Foundation focuses on the physiology, early diagnosis, treatment and prevention of pancreatic cancer. Our programs began at UCLA in 1997, and support basic science, translational research, as well as a pancreas tissue bank. The programs initially funded by the Foundation at UCLA are now supported by NIH grants.

In 2000, we launched our seed grant program, opening opportunities to investigators from major cancer centers in the USA. The Foundation provides start-up funding for basic scientists and clinicians who intend to test innovative ideas for improving the current approach to the understanding of pancreatic cancer. The success of the grant recipients in publishing and attracting NIH funding has been instrumental in advancing scientific research. In honor of the 10th anniversary of our program, an article was published in Pancreas, the official journal of the American Pancreatic Association, Japan Pancreas Society and North American Neuroendocrine Tumor Society. Entitled “The American Pancreatic Association / Hirshberg Foundation Symposium Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Seed Grant Program”, the article provides an overview of the accomplishments of our program. International pancreas meetings and the Agi Hirshberg Symposium at UCLA are annual events where discovery, education and collaboration come together to advance our research programs.

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